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Qingdao Technological University (former Name: Qingdao Institute of Architecture and Engineering), a higher institution of engineering gives priority to the specials of architectural engineering together with other subjects such as natural science, engineering, management, economics and literal arts.

Q-Tech was set up in1953. It has 17 colleges and departments that presently offer 44specialties. With the covering of 70ha, the university has two campuses, one in the busy part of Qingdao city and one in Huangdao, the economic development zone of Qingdao. The collection of library is more than 7 million volumes. The faculty member is over 960, and the present enrollment exceeds 16,000.

International students can be enrolled according to their interests. There are also special course designed for international students in the study of Chinese Language and Culture, as well as Undergraduate Courses in Chinese Language and in International Chinese Business. Our programs are known for their first-rate faculty, high quality instruction, and a variety of coursework, many academic disciplines and domains of research.

Q-Tech has established system for international students education for special non-degree students as well as undergraduates, masters.


.Enrollment Categories and Main Programs of Study

1, Chinese Language and Culture Course.

This coursed is taught in Chinese composed of 4 levels of study: Elementary Level (A), Elementary Level (B), Intermediate Level (C, D), and Advanced Level (E), offering the following courses: Intensive Reading, Spoken Chinese, Reading, Listening Comprehension, Chinese Culture, Chinese Writing, and Reading of Chinese Newspaper and Periodicals.

2, Chinese Business Program

The courses are as follows: Elementary Chinese, Chinese Culture, Business Basics in China, Marketing Management in China, Investment in China, Wushu and Taiji, Case Studies in Chinese Business, Seminars, Excursions. The courses are taught in English.

3, Summer Chinese Language Course

This is divided into Elementary Level, Intermediate Level, and Advanced Level offering the following courses: Comprehensive Survey of Chinese Language, Spoken Chinese, Listening Comprehension, Chinese Culture, and Reading. The courses are held in Chinese.

Activities: Laoshan Mountain tour, Sightseeing by boat, Visiting Qingdao Brewery and Lantern Festival etc. (Expenses are excluded)

4, Undergraduate Program

, College of Architecture

!!Architecture, Urban planning, Resource Environment and Urban-rural Planning

College of Arts

!!Environment Arts Design, Industrial Design, Painting, Fashion Design and Engineering

, College of Civil Engineering

!!Civil Engineering, Material Science and Engineering

, College of Environmental and Municipal Engineering

!!Environmental Science, Water Supply and Sewage, Architectural Environment and Facilities Engineering, Environmental Engineering

, College of Electromechanical Engineering

!!Mechanical Design and Manufacture and Automation, Industrial Design, Model CAD/CAM, Surveying and Controlling Technique and Instruments

, College of Commerce

!!Accounting, Marketing, Management of Finance

, Department of Economics and Trade

!!Statistic, International Economics and Trade, Economics, Electronic Commerce

, Department of Transportation

!!Traffic Engineering, Traffic and Transportation, Security Engineering, Electricity Engineering and Automation

, Department of Computer Engineering

!!Computer Science and Technique, Automation, Electronic Information Engineering, Communication Engineering

, Department of Management

!!Industrial Engineering, Engineering Management, Management of International Project, Land Resources Management, Information Management and Information System, Logistics

, Department of Science and Information Engineering

!!Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, Information and Calculation Science, Electronic Information Science and Technique

, Department of Foreign Languages

!!English, Japanese

, Department of Humanities and Law

!! Social Work, Advertisement

5, Graduate Programs

Architectural Design and the Theory, Architectural History and the Theory, Structural Engineering, Soil Engineering, Natural Disaster Prevention and Alleviation Engineering, Bridge and Tunnel Engineering, Geological Engineering, Heating Ventilation and Air-conditioning, Environmental Engineering, Municipal Engineering, Mechanical Design and the Theory, Vehicle Engineering, Mechanical Manufacture and Automation, Engineering Mechanics, Computer Application technology, Accounting.



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