Adult Education



Adult Education

The school of adult education is second institute of Qingdao Tech undertaking the whole courses of enrollment and training of adult education and high vocational education. It has cultivated more than 10,000 graduates of all level since 1981.

Full-time speciality of high vocational education:
architecture engineering, engineering cost and assessment, financial accountant, international trade, environmental protection and monitoring, development of real estate & estate management, marketing, Industry's electric automation, electromechanics integrate, computer and application, indoor design, building mounting

Adult's training(full-time,evening university,correspondence course)speciality
industry and civil architecture, engineering cost management, financial accountant, economic management, computer & application, building mounting, law, English, development of real estate & estate management

Adult's undergraduate(full-time,evening university)speciality
architecture engineering, computer & application, counting, architecture, environmental engineering, management engineering, machinery design and making & automation, industrial automation

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