Key Labs



Schools and Departments

Undergraduate Programs

School of Architecture: Architecture; Urban planning; Resources Environment and Urban-rural Planning

School of Civil Engineering: Civil Engineering; Material Science and Engineering

School of Mechanical Engineering£ºMechanical Design, Manufacturing and Automation; Industrial Design; Model CAD/CAM; Observation and Control Technique and Instruments

School of Environmental and Municipal Engineering£ºEnvironmental Science; Water Supply and Sewage; Architectural Environment and Facilities Engineering; Environmental Engineering

School of Vehicle and Traffic Engineering£ºTraffic Engineering; Traffic and Transportation; Security Engineering; Vehicle Engineering

School of Computer Engineering£ºComputer Science and Technology School of Communications and Electronic Engineering: Electronic Information Engineering; Communication Engineering; Electronic Information Science and Technology

School of Automotive Engineering: Automation; Electricity Engineering and Automation

School of Business£ºAccounting; Marketing; Financial Management; Electronic Commerce; International Commerce

School of Economics and Trade£ºStatistics; International Economics and Trade; Economics School of Management: Industrial Engineering; Engineering Management; Management of Land Resources; Information Management and Information Systems; Logistics

School of Sciences£ºMathematics and Applied Mathematics; Information and Calculating Science

School of Arts: Arts Design; Painting; Fashion Design and Engineering

School of Foreign Languages: English; Japanese

School of Humanities and Social Science: Social Work; Advertisement

Graduate Programs
Architectural Design and Theory; Architectural History and Theory; Structural Engineering; Soil Engineering; Natural Disaster Prevention and Alleviation Engineering; Bridge and Tunnel Engineering; Geological Engineering; Heating, Gas Supply, Ventilation and Air-conditioning Engineering; Environmental Engineering; Municipal Engineering; Mechanical Design and Theory; Vehicle Engineering; Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation; Engineering Mechanics; Computer Application Technology; Accounting

Doctoral Programs
Mechanical Design and Theory; Structural Engineering; Soil Engineering; Environmental Engineering; Heating, Gas Supply, Ventilation and Air-conditioning Engineering


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