History of Qingdao Tech


n recent years, the students of QIAE have gained prizes in domestic and international competitions of study and design many times. In the international undergraduate construction design competition held by UNESCO and International Architect Association, our students' design came out the 11th in the world, 6th in Asia. The graduation papers of the students majoring in water supply and drainage were assessed as "class A". Also many other teaching and research achievements received provincial and ministerial awards.

In the research field, the institute adheres to attaching importance to theory study as well as new technology renovation, and the research work was improved each passing year. The institute has undertaken 1,076 projects varying from state research projects, the tenth "5-year plan" projects of Ministry of Science and the projects of the Fund of the National Natural Science, also 29 national projects were involved. Altogether 900 research achievements have been appraised, among them there were 30 authorized patents, 55 research awards including 9 national awards and 20 provincial ones. In the past 5 years, the research fund of the institute totaled as 90 million yuan, especially in recent 2 years it reached up to 20 million yuan annually. More than 6,000 articles were published in the past decade, among them over 2000 were published in international periodicals and conferences, over 1,500 in domestic core periodicals, and 140 in SCI, IE, and CA.


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